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Interested in working at Daylight Technology USA? We are always looking for motivated and hardworking individuals to join our team. Send an application to and we will review and get in touch when the right opening is available.

Weare a US designing and manufacturing firm. We are working towards becoming the next leader in commercial specialty lighting by combining leading edge modular high power solutions, fully integration with innovative lighting control system based on Internet of Things (IoT), smart energy management, and working with proven sales channel partners.

The proprietary of lighting bars technology is the key to innovative open structure design for thermal dissipation, waterproof and light extraction. The 6 light distribution patterns make active beam control successful. The lens offers industry efficiency and beam uniformity.

System efficacy could be 120+ lm/WATT at working conditions. Modular design alternatively mix different beam patterns and colors to meet customer’s specific needs. This platform demonstrates the advantage of wireless lighting control devices. In addition, Daylight offers the industry’s longest lifetime of outdoor lighting fixtures to its clients. (L90 > 60000 hrs per TM21).